【91755211】International Journal of Coal Geology: Occurrences and origin of reservoir solid bitumen in Sinian Dengying Formation dolomites of the Sichuan Basin, SW China

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Reservoir solid bitumen is pervasive throughout the Sinian Dengying Formation dolomites of the Sichuan Basin and neighboring areas, yet its origin remains controversial. Optical and scanning electron microscope (SEM) studies of the Dengying Formation were carried out to elucidate the nature and origin of the solid bitumen. Solid bitumen in dissolution pores, intercrystal pores, and stylolites appears to have formed in association with regional hydrocarbon charging processes. Reservoir solid bitumen displays a variety of morphologies, each of which appears to reflect different precursor hydrocarbons. Massive/crust-like solid bitumen was probably derived from solid precursors whereas finger-like solid bitumen likely evolved from liquid precursors. Sheet-like and thin skinned globular solid bitumen appeared to have precipitated from wet gas precursors. Analyzed solid bitumen is characterized by high random reflectance (average = 3.4 %) and bireflectance values (4.2-6.9 %), exhibits strong optical anisotropy, and displays different coke structures, including granular mosaic, domain, and fibrous. The coke textures, which appear to reflect the nature of bitumen precursors, formed by physical coalescence of mesophase spheres and parallel arrangement of laminated aromatic sheets in association with a rapid heating event. The inferred thermal episode, which is evidenced by the presence of hydrothermal minerals, including saddle dolomite, quartz, authigenic illite, and barite, may have been associated with the Late Permian eruption of the Emeishan Traps. Thus, widespread solid bitumen in the Dengying Formation reflects the effects of hydrothermal alteration rather than the impact of normal burial-related thermal maturation. Further, the close association of sold bitumen and authigenic kaolinite indicates that natural deasphalting plays a role in the formation of reservoir solid bitumen.


Key words: hydrothermal alteration; natural deasphalting; bitumen reflectance; solid bitumen Morphology

文章信息:Gao Ping, Liu Guangdi, Lash Gary G., et al. Occurrences and origin of reservoir solid bitumen in Sinian Dengying Formation dolomites of the Sichuan Basin, SW China[J]. International Journal of Coal Geology, 2018, 200, 135-152.