Tectonics:Reply to Comment by Zhao et al. on “Paleomagnetism of the Late Cretaceous Red Beds From the Far Western Lhasa Terrane: Inclination Discrepancy and Tectonic Implications”

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Abstract In this manuscript, we checked all the pieces of evidence separately and conclude that  the evidence Zhao et al. (2021, https://doi.org/10.1029/2020TC006520) provided cannot be regarded  as arguments supporting their points. Our observations show that (i) sampling units and depositional  environment support that the Jingzhushan Formation red beds could be affected by the syntectonic  sedimentation, (ii) characteristic remanent magnetization directions observed from the Jingzhushan  Formation red beds represent primary magnetization acquired during the syntectonic sedimentation, not  secondary remagnetization due to strain reorientation of remanence, and (iii) inclination discrepancy  of the Jingzhushan Formation red beds could be attributed to syntectonic sedimentation. Therefore, the  paleomagnetic results obtained from the Jingzhushan Formation red beds are reliable for paleogeographic  reconstructions.